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TIME ... too short for Wordle

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

June 2022 and for you it might feel like post Covid, but for others like me, who haven’t seen a positive, it’s still in a way pre Covid. Just a cold for some, although not to diminish the difficulty and sadness for others. A new challenge for us all.

Spending time at home was different for everyone. Books had a resurgence. Pulling your favourite book from the shelf (yes some of us still have bookshelves!) just to look, even if you didn’t re-read it. This reminds me of my number one chore as a child - dusting the book shelf. A set of 1970’s shelves in the corner, not a library, but it took me what seemed like forever as I lingered; the smell of the old books, hunting for dates and trying to understand and read, with my very best accent, the funny poems of Pam Ayers. Trying to decipher the scrawly writing inside the cover of my grandfather’s bible and pondering over the photo’s dispersed through the adventures of my Great Uncle Frederick Hayman Chaffey’s book. ‘The Road Grew No Moss’ first published in 1959, a fascinating book about the travels of him and his young family through the South America. I felt like I was there with them in the pictures. Books - they can give you such a feeling … of inclusion and existing in a different TIME…

TIME… too short for Wordle, but a word of wonder. Giving time is the perfect gift. Sharing time is the perfect friendship builder. Keeping time is the perfect courtesy. Making time is the perfect sacrifice and as I was taught love can be spelt t-i-m-e.

If we had the luxury of extra TIME again, would we spend time on us? Maybe. It could sound a little selfish but 'Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.'

Start with you… listen to the audio book, start the degree, write your thoughts down, relax the way that works for you. This will allow you to have the best time and in turn give the best time.

Pre Covid, Covid or post Covid, it’s all just a moment in time. Some of these will be KAIROS moments - where 'a moment in time changes the end result'.

Make TIME for your KAIROS moments!

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