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Kia Tatou Whakanui i Te Reo Maori

Soon after releasing The Boss of the River, we commissioned Dallas Harema to bring alive Ko te Rangatira o te Awa and he did the most amazing mahi (work) on it. We use the word translate, but it is more than that, it is about bringing together ideas, feelings and the heart of the meanings in the story telling using Te Reo Maori.

Many will not know that speaking Te Reo Maori was banned by schools and other institutions.

We want to celebrate the language; the depth and contectiveness it brings to us as a people.

Learning a language seems daunting, but using one new kupu (word) at a time we can change. Keep Te Reo Maori alive for our generations to come. Kia tatou whakanui i te reo maori (Let's celebrate te reo maori)

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