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A note from the Author and creator...

“I have always had a love of children’s books. My most favourites being, 'The Shy One' by Dorothy Nathan and 'The Runaway Settlers' by Elsie Locke; when I was very young my greatest book memories were with 'Where is my Mother' by P.D. Eastman and  the 'Miffy' Collection by  Dick Bruna. Lucky Book Club which was distributed through the local school, was the highlight of my earlier school days; the possibilities of new titles were laid before could I choose? I wanted to buy one for everyone in the class. Now we hardly have to leave our home to end up lost in a range of wonderful books for children of all ages with Apps, e-books and You Tube. I believe however there will always be a place, to turn those shiny new pages; being so very careful not to crease any part of that freshly printed book you choose to open and read.”

​Way Before The Boss of the River 

I remember when I was a child, being looked after by my  Grandmother, Phyllis Catherine Lillian; I wanted to write to my cousin who had recently moved to Australia. My beautiful wise Grandmother said to me,   “ just write you are talking to her”, and so I did.  It flowed... allowing me to express my thoughts... I felt like my cousin was near and the writing gave me a quiet freedom.


Before The Boss of the River 

Looking out to the ‘oh so green, they sometimes look like a painting’ trees and the surrounding nature, was the inspiration for this story. The powerful close view of the high trees were confronting, comforting and curiously creative, all at the same time. Underneath the luscious green trees,  ducks were living their waddling lives, while negotiating people, dogs and a little too much bread, but having enough pure nature to sustain and enjoy! 


Just before The Boss of the River

For me I wanted 'The Boss of the River' to be a timeless easy to read aloud book with beautiful watercolour pictures. After almost 3 years in the making it has now come alive and it is my hope it will be enjoyed by many beyond my beautiful Grandchildren of whom it has become a favourite.


The Art of The Boss of the River 

My friend and the artist of 'The Boss of the River', Emma Hughes-Martinet,  is a French/New Zealander. Half way though our project, Emma went back to spend some time in France, along with her Kiwi husband and her two sons. Emma so kindly completed all the stunning art that she had started here in New Zealand. Along with her luggage went many photographs, half the art already completed and ideas that we had mulled over together. The whole Collection of Art for 'The Boss of the River' arriving  back in New Zealand towards the end of 2019, ready for me to work on completing the project. 


At Last The boss of the River 


Nicolette Parsons 

Author, Business Woman, Wife,

Mother and Grandmother.

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