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'The Boss of the River' is an art piece, as well as a children's story book -  a tale of loneliness, discovery and friendship. It is set on the river bank of an historic homestead in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and is based on real ducks. The book has a fun 'finding insects' activity throughout, as well as interesting facts about the actual duck breeds. Visually stunning with exclusive art, creative learning and a feel good story for all.

The Boss of the River - Classic Book

SKU: 0001
  • 'He would chase the other ducks away with a slow waddle, a HISS and a waggle of his tail.'

    Sit along side your little one and share the delights as you meet Ernest and his friends... before being introduced to someone special...

    At the end of the book, there displays a page of insects - to be found throughout the book, along with a page of facts about the four duck breeds in 'The Boss of the River', perfect for a young school project.

    Full Colour, 240 x 240 mm Perfect Bound and stitched Offset Printed Book with featured overgloss, foiling and embossing.

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