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What child doesn't want to be reading a chapter book just like their friends!! 


'You are unique, you have Superpowers you know it.'


'Snippet 2

My Great-Nana


My Great-Nana used to be a ballet dancer, graceful and beautiful... but wait for it, she also used to be a...



          (big work, meaning is at the back)...


...done my research, sticking with rugby.'


Bottoms, Grandmas & Random Superpowers is a creative book - thoughts from a young kiwi boy and how he sees and interacts with some of his extended family.

It is interspersed with thoughts and questions allowing the reader to think about their own talents and skills; incuding emotional skills and how these can benefit themselves and others!


Bottoms, Grandmas & Random Superpowers has been written in a style which is helpful for the later readers, those that struggle and for the children who find those first chapter books just that little bit daunting! An early reader will be just as at home, keen to move from snippet to snippet; the writers chosen name for this books chapters! 


The perfect book for any 'About Me' studies. This book will encourage the all important conversations around learning to understand individual strengths while also encouraging interaction and thinking around the immediate and extended family. Technology and todays demands on children can sometimes replace those great chats with Grandma...

Bottoms, Grandmas & Random Superpowers

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